Use Vaseman as simple PHP site.

composer create-project asika/vaseman vaseman 3.*

Use Vaseman as static page generator.

composer global require asika/vaseman 3.*

Default Pages

Now we can use browser open Vaseman root, Vaseman will render page dynamically.

View Pages

Open project dir by browser, you can see the index page.


Click the grey buttons at below content, you can see an sample article page. (entries/article/article.blade.php)

Click Markdown link at sidebar, you will see a markdown page example. (entries/article/

Create Pages

Create your *.blade.php in entries folder.

The template file path will matches the url path. If you go path/to/your/page, Vaseman will render this file as a new page.

Base URI

Using {{ uri.base }} to add subfolder for assets url.

For Example, If you are in a page foo/bar/baz.html, You can use this url as link href:

<a href="{{ $uri['base'] }}sakura.html">Link</a>

The link will render as:

<a href="../../sakura.html">Link</a>

So the page link will not break in every pages.

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