About Me

Simon is a programmer, designer and artist who with over 10 years PHP and front-end and designing experience.

He is co-founder of MegaMount / LYRASOFT, leader of I Love Joomla group and contributor of Joomla CMS.

Simon's dream is that using art to make the world of technology more beautiful and warmer.

Open Source Projects

Windwalker Framework

A modern PHP framework

Windwalker is a New PHP framework. It based on Joomla and is core of Windwalker RAD framework.

Windwalker Joomla RAD

RAD framework for Joomla CMS

Windwalker RAD provides modern functions and interfaces help developer quickly create Joomla extensions.


Gulp based asset compiler helper.

Windwalker Fusion provides a clean, fluent API for calling Gulp stream ans tasks to compile your code. Fusion supports several common CSS and JavaScript pre-processors.


jQuery MVVM framework

Ivia.js is a reactivity MVVM framework for jQuery with Vue-like interface.


Extends Bootstrap

A simple css helper to extend bootstrap and other css frameworks.


Animation helper CSS file.

A Vue.js 2.0 port of Animate.css. For use with Vue's built-in transitions


PHP Code Generator

A powerful php scaffolding framework, help developers generate their code by custom templates.

Bootstrap 3 Adapter

Writing BS 2 syntax, using BS 3 styles.

A migration middleware help us writing bootstrap2 syntax, using bootstrap3 style.

Fongshen Markdown Editor

A highly customizable code-inserting editor

Fongshen is a code inserting editor, It can integrate and wrap many other text editors and provides multiple buttons sets. Fongshen is based on well known MarkItUp editor but almost rewrite 80% codes.

PHP DataMapper

Windwalker DataMapper package

PHP DataMapper package that provides a quickly way to access database and store data.


A prototype framework. He is nothing but pretty face

Vaseman is nothing but only pretty face. He is a prototype system build by PHP Slim Framework.

PHP Autolink

Auto convert all URL to links.

A library to auto convert URLs to links.

PHP Sitemap

Simple Sitemap Generator

A library to easy generate W3C & Google Webmaster XML stiemap.

Http package

The PSR7 Http Implementation

This package provides PSR7 standard Http message objects, Uri objects, Stream objects and Client request object. (PHP 5.3 Compatible)

Simple Benchmark

PHP Simple Benchmark framework

Very easy to insert multiple cases to compare the benchmark.

Joomla Extensions


Quickicon Management Component

Asikart Quickicons is an easy use extension to customize your Joomla! cpanel quickicons.


Remote & Local Image Manager

Asikart RemoteImage helps you manage image and media files on local and remote FTP host.

You can batch upload, create folders, resize & crop images and insert multiple images in article editor.

ACE X Markdown Editor

A Markdown editor for Joomla CMS

Asikart Markdown Editor helps you writing text in well-known markdown syntax, and render to HTML in front-end article.


User Profile Extended Component

Asikart UserXTD extends Joomla! user profile by a powerful form constructor. 100% integrate with Joomla! core user component


Quick Content Generator

Asikart QuickContent Generator auto generate content and menus VERY QUICKLY by writing HTML <ul><li> list.


Easy Setup Joomla Site.

A Powerful plugin help you customize your Joomla site. Contains SEO, code-insert, security, debugging tools.


I Love Joomla!

A Joomla! Community in Taiwan

I Love Joomla! is not an official Joomla organization, also not Traditional Chinese group. We are a group of people who like Joomla and try to promote it


An Animation Community in Taiwan

Founded by animators, designers and bloggers, AnimApp is a 2D / 3D animation community-based information sharing platform in Taiwan.

Asikart Internship Program

Teaching Programming and Designing Skills to Students.

This program try to teach website setup, design and development skills to students. Start at 2012, and now renaming to GrazingCat Internship Program.



Design Programming

Megamount Inc. official site.


Design Programming

LYRASOFT official site.


Design Programming

A modern PHP framework.


Design Programming

A high quality coding school with course management system.


Design Programming

Team blog system use Markdown syntax.



A forum for makers.

SMS Taiwan

Design Programming

Official site of SMS Taiwan Co. Ltd.


Part of Designing Team Lead Programming

Dispensing and delivery chronic diseases prescriptions to users service in Taiwan.


Team leader

Referring people to nursing home service in Taiwan.


Design Programming

Nursing agency services in Taiwan.

Drug Drug Interaction

Design Part of Programming Team

Drug interaction checker and search engine.

Datavideo Virtualset

Team leader

A platform to buy and sell video virtual set.

Presentation & Speech

About Constantly Changing


The 40 Hour Work Week

一週工作40小時 - 談個人與團隊的時間管理